Life of the St.Lawrence River

River regions

The waves and currents of the St. Lawrence River meander along, meeting islands, boats, and wildlife. Its shores are home to serene individuals with a deep understanding of the river that you can discover via a myriad of surprising activities.

The river’s secrets awash in fresh air.

The St. Lawrence River’s colours stir and evolve, revealing a new scene with each glance. Sail, float or paddle its soft blue-green waters.

Snapshot moments

Port, estuary, and coast, the St. Lawrence River evolves as it makes it way through the regions.

A dreamy stay in all three regions

We visit the destination to contemplate its culture, flavors, and horizons. We stay here to soak in its enjoyments, wonders, and encounters. Quebec’s southern regions inspire even more than just a stay: they inspire a feeling of freedom, as we discover their enchantment through a dreamy itinerary.


Ski and winter fun