Panoramic regions

The province’s southern regions are just begging visitors to come admire the landscapes rolling by from their bike, car, motorcycle or bus, to stop and breathe in the fresh outdoor air, to go and discover unique places.

Paving the way to unparalleled landscapes

Paragraph under the three photos: Colours unfold along the wide roads in the province’s southern regions, leading the way to delight and relaxation.

Snapshot moments

Drive or ride, slow down, stop and discover all the regions’ secrets, the best flavours and the finest textures with milestone encounters.

Townships Trail
Townships’ Brewerers Circuit
Les Têtes Fromagères Circuit
The Cider Route of Montérégie
The Summit Drive
The Wine Route of Montérégie
The Wine Route of Easter-Townships
The Route des Navigateurs

A dreamy stay in all three regions

We visit the destination to contemplate its culture, flavors, and horizons. We stay here to soak in its enjoyments, wonders, and encounters. Quebec’s southern regions inspire even more than just a stay: they inspire a feeling of freedom, as we discover their enchantment through a dreamy itinerary.


Life of the St.Lawrence River